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    The  Manungura Aboriginal Corporation Directors welcome you to our website.  We hope you find all the information you require here and if you need any further information or assistance please contact us via our contact page.

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  • Vision & Mission

    The vision of the directors and members of MANUNGURRA is to create a liveable and sustainable future on their own lands for their own people – to build on the courage and strength of their fathers and mothers, their grandparents and their ancestors who maintained and nurtured the lives, the ceremonies and the land of Kunapa people in hard and, mostly, dark times between 1900 and today. This vision is a vision of modernity drawn from the strength of Kunapa ceremonial and hereditary links to land, culture and ceremony. The directors wish to create a future where their children enjoy the best of the modern Australian nation whilst retaining their unique identity and cultural standing as Kunapa people.

    Manungurra Aboriginal Corporation’s mission is to ensure income generation beyond the life of the Bootu mine to continue to develop sustainable futures for members. To do this they seek to use their land and its resources, as well as the human resources of the current generation of Kunapa people, as the drivers of business development, job creation and income security for their group.