Manungurra Aboriginal Corporation Directors serve for a period of 2 years. Elections are held at the AGM every two years.
A director must be:
· at least 18 years old; and
· a member of the corporation OR a specialist or independent director as per clause 5.8.

As per the rule book the number of directors shall consist of at least 5 directors from the Kunapa East group
and 4 directors from the Kunapa West group and no more than 2 independent directors
(per clause 5.8).

The current directors for 2012-2015 are:


Gordon Noonan

Doreen Noonan

Iris Noonan

Harry Morrison

Kayleen Johnson

Pauline Allen

Rosalie Johnson

Karen Morrison

Pepy Simpson


  • Indigenous youth parliament opens door to next generation
    Entering parliament and public life is a personal interest that might be perused in the future, however there should be equal opportunities and programs of interest around parliament so that it opens doors for all cultures throughout this nation.