Family Support

Family Support  is available to Kunapa East and Kunapa West member through the Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) status for; Funeral Support, Ceremony Support, Health and Emergency support and other support as approved by Directors.


Manungurra aims to  support families with costs associated with funerals, sick family members receiving treatment away from Tennant Creek and Ceremonies.

The Health and Emergency support is for carers and family members who will accompany their family while they are receiving treatment interstate and or at a larger Regional Centre in Alice Spring or Darwin. This is also available for emergency health situations. This support will be considered depending on each situation via application. This is only in cases where funding is not availble through usual government avenues.  Members must be prepared to demonstrate they have already approached other sources of support first.

The Funeral Support is for the major cost associated with a funeral Services being organized by Kunapa people and Kunapa people attending funerals away from Tennant Creek and their homelands.

The Ceremony Support is for costs associated with food and fuel only and is only for  Kunapa people who can demonstrate their family connection through family trees and are approved by the Directors.




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