Education & Sporting

MAC members recognize the importance of education, sometimes including sporting activities, for the betterment of Kunapa people.  Education is viewed a foundation from which Kunapa people and their descendants can develop better living and working opportunities. These opportunities will provide a better quality of life for Aboriginal people by;

  • Improving      job opportunities
  • Increasing      financial wealth,
  • Improving      health and wellbeing


Who can get funding?

  • Funding      is available to Kunapa people East and West, their children and descendants.
  • Where government funding is available MAC will pay a portion of the costs  and other program funding and parents to settle remaining amount

MAC  can  provide  support  for schooling extras including;

  • School      uniforms
  • Travel      costs for school holidays and school exeats NOT covered by Abstudy or      other travel schemes
  • Schools      books and stationary
  • Sporting      activities and events for participants


Emergency travel during school year


Special Education Events




  • Indigenous youth parliament opens door to next generation
    Entering parliament and public life is a personal interest that might be perused in the future, however there should be equal opportunities and programs of interest around parliament so that it opens doors for all cultures throughout this nation.