omm_bootuAs representative entity for the Kunapa clan group, MANUNGURRA is the beneficiary of a range of negotiated outcomes under the Land Rights Act and the Native Title Act, principally the Bootu Creek Mining Agreement, which was registered on 26 July 2005.

OM (Manganese) Ltd (“OMM”) is wholly owned by OM Holdings Limited with its core operating business activities being exploration and mining of manganese at the Bootu Creek Project. The Bootu Creek Manganese Mine is located 110km north of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory of Australia and OMM’s principal administration office is located in Perth, Western Australia.  The exploration and development of the Bootu Creek Project commenced in September 2001. Mining operations commenced in November 2005, its first batch of ore was processed in April 2006   and first shipment of ore was facilitated in June 2006.




  • Indigenous youth parliament opens door to next generation
    Entering parliament and public life is a personal interest that might be perused in the future, however there should be equal opportunities and programs of interest around parliament so that it opens doors for all cultures throughout this nation.